Building Climate Resilience: Sustainable Homes and Social Impact with Henning and Joyce

Podcast Interview

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How can we build climate resilience? Social Impact Pioneers Joyce Coffee and Henning Alts reveal the secrets to longevity within inclusive business models and explore why a construction materials company is vital to building climate resilience with vulnerable communities.

Listen in to this podcast conversation as Henning Alts, the social scientist working with Cemex, the global construction materials company, celebrates 25 years of Patrimonio Hoy. Initially designed to empower low-income families in improving their homes, Patrimonio Hoy has evolved into something far greater. This inclusive business model not only provides access to financing, but also offers technical assistance, enabling families to build safe, resilient, and sustainable homes step by step. As Henning explains: “The outcomes aren’t just strong homes, but stronger families and communities too.” Climate change, we know, is unleashing a cascade of extreme weather events, leaving vulnerable communities, often residing in fragile housing, at the mercy of its devastating effects.

Joyce Coffee, who was instrumental in developing the world’s first climate resilience principles for the financial services industry and has played a key role in shaping the climate adaptation field – believes that Patrimonio Hoy could play a vital part in the next 25 years to help people literally build physical climate resilience into their homes. Boldly brought into Cemex to evaluate the business propensity to climate resilience – Joyce shares what she has discovered on this unique journey.

During this conversation, get ready to learn about climate resilience; how leading-edge businesses are examining all that they do in preparation for their response to climate change; whilst looking at what it takes for inclusive business models to stand the test of time.


Patrimonio Hoy: 25 years of social transformation through home improvement

Patrimonio Hoy: 25 años de transformación social a través de la mejora de viviendas

Cemex Urban Solutions: Patrimonio Hoy forms is one of the six businesses that belong to Cemex’s Urban Solutions – the portfolio of integrated solutions for urban development. Cemex is leveraging their critical mass and building materials expertise, to offer complementary solutions for sustainable cities, emphasizing net-zero and sustainability, circular solutions, and resilient buildings and infrastructure. Find out more here.

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