Building Livelihoods: From Humanitarian Aid, with Dale Buscher

Podcast Interview

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Social Impact Pioneer, Dale Buscher, of Women’s Refugee Commission talks refugee self-reliance and building livelihoods. 

Over 100 million people are displaced worldwide. That’s the equivalent of the 14th biggest country in the globe. The world seems to be in a refugee crisis and yet for some, like Social Impact Pioneer, Dale Buscher – there are practical pragmatic solutions, developed over decades of lived experience.

Dale’s professional journey reaches back to 1988. His extensive experience includes supporting refugees from Vietnam to Haiti, Bosniak refugees in Croatia, displaced Kurds in Northern Iraq, and many more.

During our conversation Dale explains how situations and circumstances surrounding any one person who is forcibly displaced is complex, nuanced and dynamic. Navigating these challenges requires a deep understanding of the refugee experience itself but the experience of Dale and his colleagues means that there is support, guidance and time-tested help available. Enter the all-encompassing guide: “Building Livelihoods: A Field Manual for Practitioners in Humanitarian Settings.”

Dale’s robust background, including advising the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and authoring the field handbook “Operational Protection in Camps and Settlements,” ensures his insights are practical, steeped in lived experience, and transformative. And be ready to hear Dale share why the Refugee Self-Reliance Initiative – a joint effort by the Women’s Refugee Commission – where Dale is currently Vice President of Programs and RefugePoint is a vital programme in helping promote a future where refugees regain financial independence and understand self-resilience.

Whether you’re a humanitarian practitioner, a supporter of refugee rights, whether you are displaced or a listener with a desire for deeper understanding, this podcast is your compass in the intricate landscape of refugee support and self-reliance.

This podcast is more than a manual; it’s a portal into the reality of humanitarian aid, the importance of self-reliance, and the tangible ways we can contribute to building a better future for displaced individuals. So, tune in, and let Dale Buscher guide you through the challenges and real-life experiences of supporting refugees around the globe.


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