Developing your social impact strategy with Lisa Manley

Podcast Interview

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How do you develop a social impact strategy for business? If you’re working on delivering social impact within any organisation, you need two things over and above anything else. A deep understanding of the trends and a good plan. Lisa Manley, Global Vice President of Sustainability from Mars is our podcast guest. She gives us a masterclass in both of these. Lisa then zooms in on her really practical implementation advice about how to deliver and create impact.

During our conversation Lisa provides us with insights into the work she and colleagues at Mars are focused on: human rights, supply chain collaboration and next generation sourcing; farmer incomes, including insight into their Farmer Income Lab, their platform for action on addressing poverty in global agriculture supply chains; and the opportunities for women, through their Full Potential Mar Platform on Gender.

Interestingly Lisa shines a light on the pressing emerging trends she is getting super focused on – get your pens and paper ready to take notes as she covers topics including: Climate justice; elevating the S in ESG and the role of business in addressing economic inequity.

“Poverty is the elephant in the room in addressing sustainable development.” Explains Lisa.

Lise then rounds off this podcast by sharing the secret sauce of how to deliver impact. Ranging from how to build resilience and why her sustainability team is now sitting in procurement.

Listen to hear more on developing your social impact strategy.


Farmer Income Lab

Full Potential Mars Platform on Gender

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