Daniella Foster

Podcast Interview

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This podcast will help you understand better what self-care for your own personal benefit is and why creating self-care systems for public and private sectors is vital in our attempts to rebuild better from the global pandemic.

“Self-care can potentially break the cycle of poverty,” explains Daniella.

Daniella and her team, in partnership with Business Fights Poverty have recently undertaken research to develop a toolkit exploring how self-care can help health systems rebuild better during COVID-19. During this podcast Daniella shares the insights from the research and provides practical ways we can make self-care work for everyone.

COVID-19 has placed huge pressures on an already faltering global health system. This is leaving many millions of people vulnerable to illness and further impeding their abilities to lead fulfilling and prosperous lives.

“In the wake of COVID it has become apparent that access to self-care needs to be a key solution when we think about health care and the health care continuum,” Daniella says. Before examining why virtual tele-health solutions, health ownership and better pharmaceutical services are vital trends we need to see more of, if we want to be healthier, and alleviate pressures on our health care systems.

Daniella wants to invite you to be a part of a self-care movement – so if you want to find out more join us for the Business Fights Poverty ReBuild Better Summit on 21 January 2021. Daniella and other global experts will be at the free event – exploring ‘where now?’


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