Helen McEachern

Podcast Interview

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With experience rooted in campaigning and fundraising in the development space, Helen’s career spans over 30 years working with NGOs including Greenpeace and ActionAid UK.

During this podcast conversation, Helen highlights trends such as the role of technology as an enabler, the democratization of information and the digital divide, how men can also help to empower women, and the rise of populism and how it impacts on women’s rights.

Helen shares her views on how and why the private sector is vital in terms of advancing women’s economic empowerment, developing talent and putting measures in place to enhance representation, especially in global supply chains. She also raises the importance of the business voice in government and advocating for state supported childcare, not only to empower women but also to create new market opportunities.

As the interview draws to a close, Helen encourages those early in their careers to be open and willing to learn, and to try things that aren’t necessarily part of the ‘grand-plan’. 

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