Shabnam Hameed

Podcast Interview

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Located in Sydney, Shabnam’s journey to this difficult subject took her from artist and filmmaker to union worker and community organiser. Ten years ago, her work began to become more and more focused on gender issues. Today she is supporting the International Finance Corporation (the IFC), which is part of the World Bank Group. Their aim: the effective development and delivery of resources for the private sector on gender-based violence.

During this interview you will hear Shabnam’s first-hand experience, explaining why the business case for organisations to take gender-based violence seriously is strong; what the impacts can be; and how companies can take action. This is set in a background of increasing expectations from donor organisations and the ILO gender harassment convention which is due to be debated and possibly come into force –resulting in businesses being required to take action.

This spotlight interview forms part of the wider Business Fights Poverty Challenge: What role can business play in tackling gender-based violence? In partnership with the IFC, Care and Anglo American.

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