Chris Loxley and Tim Rump

Podcast Interview

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This week Yvette Torres-Rahman, Partnerships Director at Business Fights Poverty, interviews Chris Loxley, Open Innovation at Unilever R&D and Tim Rump, Marketing Director at d.light.

Hear how Unilever, one of the largest consumer goods companies in the world, and d.light a social enterprise that offers distributed, affordable solar energy solutions for homes and businesses, came into contact with each other.

An open conversation about the priorities of each organization soon helped to build trust between these two partners and took them towards a collaboration that neither party had envisaged at the outset.

The pilot has resulted in very positive sales results for Unilever that are capturing the attention of colleagues across their business.

As these are both companies, it isn’t technically a traditional cross-sector partnership or PPP. There are big differences in the scope and scale of their businesses. Click on the recording above to hear their tips for other social enterprises and other global corporations looking to work together. For more case studies download the recent report by Acumen and Business Fights Poverty.

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