Peik Stenlund

Podcast Interview

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This week Yvette Torres-Rahman, Partnerships Director at Business Fights Poverty, interviews Peik Stenlund, Co-Founder and CEO of Pamoja Cleantech.

Hear about how Pamoja Cleantech, a Business Call to Action member, was founded around the idea that by creating scalable and sustainable business solutions you can solve pressing environmental challenges.

Pamoja Cleantech uses a biomass fuel supply which comes from agriculture residues and thanks to an innovative partnership with We Effect they are sustainably sourcing the biomass without contributing to the growing issue of deforestation.

Peik goes on to explain the various ideas they have for contributing to the local economy, from supplying cheaper and cleaner energy to telecom base stations, to providing local agro-processing for farmer’s goods.

Looking to the future Pamoja Cleantech has plans to scale up their reach and impact via a partnership with the Ugandan Rural Electrification agency whereby they will pay for the expansion of the mini-grids to reach more households. Click on the audio above to hear more about Pamoja’s Cleantech business model and their ambitions for 2020.

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