Amanda Gardiner

Podcast Interview

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During this personal and insightful podcast we get an insider’s perspective on the opportunities Amanda is seeing for Pearson and other businesses to integrate sustainability into core business. Amanda shares details as to why she is excited about growing investor interest in social and environmental issues, but frustrated by the legacy of philanthropic donations.

During our conversation Amanda gives her personal advise on balancing a core drive to make a lasting societal difference – with being a wife and mum. And her advice at the end of our conversation on how to get going in your career is invaluable: “don’t always listen to all the advice you are given; take risks; and get stuck into the business.”

Amanda leads the global team at Pearson responsible for integrating social, economic, and environmental issues into business strategy and operations, with a key focus on innovating and delivering value to underserved communities. Prior to this Amanda was Pearson’s Director of Global Advocacy & Partnerships
– working closely with organisations such as the UN and the World Economic Forum. She has been on the Board of the Global Partnership for Education, a programme specialist for the United Nations’ Development Program’s Business Call to Action and a consultant for UNESCO – the United Nations Educational, Scientific, & Cultural Organization.

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