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How do you ignite your inner drive? My guest today has dedicated much of his life and thinking to this question –Sharath Jeevan. From business leader, Founding Head of eBay for Charity to education CEO – Sharath candidly shares why unlocking the motivation of his teams as well as for himself is so important.

During our conversation Sharath takes us on a journey exploring the drivers of motivation: “Purpose, autonomy and mastery,” he explains. Before sharing practical ways to tap into these three elements. He explains why our problems today are wicked and how we need to think differently in order to solve them. Before delving into ways we can motivate our businesses and those within them to do more good.

For more information on Sharath and his work, do check out his new book: Intrinsic – the link is below.


Intrinsic: https://linktr.ee/intrinsiclabs
Intrinsic the book: https://linktr.ee/intrinsicamazon
Intrinsic Labs: https://www.intrinsic-labs.com
Wicked Problems: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wicked_problem
McKinsey: https://www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/organization/our-insights/help-your-employees-find-purpose-or-watch-them-leaveJoin the Business Fights Poverty community and connect with others working in this space: https://businessfightspoverty.org/community/

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