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  • Joan Bohan

    Joan Bohan

    Podcast Interview with Joan Bohan, Executive Finance Director and Founder of Dysnie Intrapreneur Venture at The Walt Disney Company.

  • Hamzah Sarwar

    Hamzah Sarwar

    Podcast Interview with Hamzah Sarwar, Global Insight Lead, RB

  • Marcus Druen

    Marcus Druen

    Podcast Interview with Marcus Druen, Change Catalyst and Chief Audacifier, Audacify

  • Helen McEachern

    Helen McEachern

    Podcast Interview with Helen McEachern, CEO, Cherie Blair Foundation for Women

  • Henning Ringholz

    Henning Ringholz

    Podcast Interview with Henning Ringholz, Senior Executive, Small Foundation


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Posted at 2:36pm on Wednesday 24th July 2019
Excited to be sharing updates from our Challenge: What role can business play in tackling gender-based violence? 👉 A new global law has been agreed at the International Labour Organisation which means that for the first time all governments and employers will be obliged to take action to prevent and respond to violence and harassment in the workplace. 👉 We had a brilliant session as part of #BFPOXFORD, thanks to panellists from Unilever, Vodafone UK, CARE, IFC - International Finance Corporation and International Labour Organization! 👉 We wanted to share the main findings with you from an online survey about GBV in the workplace. These insights will be included in our final report - due for publication at the Business Fights Poverty New York event this September. ➡️ Over 80% of respondents agreed business has a strong role to play in tackling GBV ➡️ 67% feel companies have a responsibility to address GBV in workplaces and in the wider community ➡️ 43% think that current measures being taken in their workplace to address GBV are effective whilst 38% are unsure. ➡️ 54% think social norms are the biggest barrier to addressing GBV closely followed by 48% thinking a lack of senior level commitment is a major barrier. Contact me directly to learn more and get involved, more resources here: #EndGBVRead More

Posted at 4:56pm on Friday 5th July 2019
Preparing for #BFPOXFORD or interested in learning more about how business can deliver #socialimpact? I recommend having a read of the latest issue of Business Fights Poverty Magazine on Purposeful Collaboration Why? Because inside you'll find features from experts working in the space, which will: ➡️ Give you a window into what business can be doing to deliver positive change; ➡️ Provide resources to deepen your understanding of the some of the most pressing social challenges we face. Massive thanks to all the contributors including WWF, Oxfam, Mercy Corps, and CARE! #Purposefully #insights #businessRead More

How Can We Save Purpose from Purpose-Wash?

Posted at 12:50pm on Monday 1st July 2019
**PREVIEW #BFP_Live: Can We 'Save' Purpose From Purpose-Wash?** What does purposeful business mean and is it something different from having a #CSR strategy? The common ground between those who believe in the impact of purposeful business and those who question it, is a desire for authentic action. Thus, the end goal is to focus the discussion beyond the rhetoric of purpose towards the actions needed to embedding it meaningfully across business. Join the Online Discussion with Vittorio Cerulli taking place live from #BFPOXFORD to explore thought-provoking topics linked to purpose and use examples from leading companies across industries. #BFPOXFORD #purposefullyRead More

PREVIEW BFPOx2019 Purpose Zone Workshop: Five Pillars for Embedding Purpose Authentically into Business - Business Fights Poverty

Posted at 3:16pm on Friday 28th June 2019
**PREVIEW #BFPOXFORD PURPOSE ZONE WORKSHOP** There is much talk about purpose, sustainability and business as “a force for good”, but is it for real or just rhetoric? Paving the way for a new Business Fights Poverty Challenge with Unilever, GSK and Visa, Vittorio Cerulli and Zahid Torres-Rahman have co-authored an article ahead of Oxford to tackle this question and share a framework for meaningful action. ➡️How do you think purpose can be embedded authentically into business?⬅️ #purposefully #business #socialimpact #sustainabilityRead More

Business Fights Poverty Oxford 2019 Women’s Equality Zone Workshop: Preparing for possible new ILO regulation - Business Fights Poverty

Posted at 12:23pm on Thursday 27th June 2019
#BFPOXFORD is 2 weeks away! Counting down to the event, we are sharing previews from the amazing organisations who will be joining us on the day. First, CARE Senior Economic Advisor, Policy and Advocacy, Hester le Roux writes about to expect from the Women's Equality Zone Workshop and zooming in on the International Labour OrganizationConvention to end violence and harassment in the world of work. #purposefully #women #SDG5 #business #socialimpact #sustainabilityRead More

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@NikkivanderGaag Very much looking forward to your expert contributions too Nikki! #BFP_Live
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