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  • Alexis Geaneotes and Kathy Mignano

    Alexis Geaneotes and Kathy Mignano

    Podcast Interview with Alexis Geaneotes and Kathy Mignano from IFC

  • Ashish Gadnis

    Ashish Gadnis

    Podcast Interview with Ashish Gadnis, Founder and CEO, BanQu

  • Sizakele Marutlulle

    Sizakele Marutlulle

    Podcast Interview with Sizakele Marutlulle, Marketing and Brand Leader, Entrepreneur and Influencer.

  • Natalia Cano

    Natalia Cano

    Podcast Interview with Natalia Cano, Head of Brand & Reputation APAC, Google

  • Darian Stibbe

    Darian Stibbe

    Podcast Interview with Darian Stibbe, Executive Director, The Partnering Initiative (TPI)


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A final point from @meansandrew – none of us can make change on our own. That's why partnerships are so crucial. #UNGA #RebuildBetter
Don't waste time on the debate over whether a problem should be solved by governments or businesses. Both need to play their part. @Acasus2 #UNGA #RebuildBetter
Don't lose sight of the positives we've learned over the last few months – we can accelerate progress beyond our expectations. @ZaheeraSoomar14 #RebuildBetter #UNGA
"When it comes to understanding your impact now is not the time for organisations that say we don’t have time for impact measurement – it would be devastating at the end of this if we haven’t learned anything." @meansandrew #RebuildBetter #UNGA
The pandemic might have exacerbated problems within our system, but the problems where already there. @ZaheeraSoomar14 #RebuildBetter #UNGA
According to a study from @savechildrenuk, eight of our 10 children reported they learned little or nothing during the #COVID19 crisis. @risingacademies #RebuildBetter #UNGA
As we work to #RebuildBetter, how do we integrate a more soulful #purpose with #innovation? Watch the first of this week's How-To Videos with @mandarapte108
We're live! There's still time to join us for free and take part in the conversation ⬇️
COMING UP: In ten minutes we'll be kicking off our second panel of the day with @AngloAmerican, talking about how to measure and maximise impact #RebuildBetter #UNGA
In times of economic crisis, women will always be the first to feel the strain. #UNGA #RebuildBetter @CARE
The #SustainableDevelopmentGoals give us a roadmap –but it's the mindset shift to collaboration and action that we need for system level change. #SDGs #UNGA #RebuildBetter @drnickyblack