A Just Transition: A Deep Dive into Benchmarking Expectations with the WBA

Just Transition

Savanna and Joachim from the World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA) provide practical support for business on delivering a just transition. In the bustling world of sustainable development, the term “just transition” has become a buzzword. But what does it truly mean, and why should businesses care? The recent podcast episode featuring Savanna and Joachim from the […]

Investors and Female Entrepreneurs, with Sanjukta and Heather

Investors and Female Entrepreneurs, with Sanjukta and Heather

Attention all investors and female entrepreneurs – this podcast is for you. Did you know that less than 2% of investment goes to female-led businesses? And even if there’s just one woman in a group of male founders, their chances of investment drop compared to all-male teams. But fear not, Social Impact Pioneers Heather Matranga […]

NGOs Pivot Towards Innovation, with Isaac of Zeraki and Paul of Save the Children

Isaac Nyangolo and Paul Ronalds NGOs Pivot Towards Innovation

How can NGOs pivot towards innovation, agility and impact? Social Impact Pioneers Isaac Nyangolo of Zeraki and Paul Ronalds from Save the Children’s Global Ventures share their journey. Faced with a rapidly changing world and the tremendous need for systemic reform, NGOs like Save the Children are venturing beyond the bounds of traditional funding models […]

Rebuilding from Failure: The Journey to Success and Purpose – with Daniel Mangena

Daniel Mangena

Daniel Mangena, shares his insights on rebuilding from failure, recharging, finding purpose, and overcoming adversity. What does it take to rebuild from failure? Social Impact Pioneer, Daniel Mangena shares his journey – boom to bust and boom again. Today Daniel is a global soul, five-time author, and entrepreneurial coach. Despite hitting rock bottom after losing […]

Articulating Social Impact, with Kati and Jenn

Articulating social impact, with Kati and Jenn

Doubt and uncertainty can fog the perception of businesses managing their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities. Can enterprises be thriving and profitable while addressing social injustices and environmental degradation? The evidence says “Yes,” but how do we best articulate this? Meet Social Impact Pioneers Jennifer Owens and Kati Kallins. Two people with […]

Building Livelihoods: From Humanitarian Aid, with Dale Buscher

Dale Buscher, Social Impact Pioneer

Social Impact Pioneer, Dale Buscher, of Women’s Refugee Commission talks refugee self-reliance and building livelihoods.  Over 100 million people are displaced worldwide. That’s the equivalent of the 14th biggest country in the globe. The world seems to be in a refugee crisis and yet for some, like Social Impact Pioneer, Dale Buscher – there are […]

Building Climate Resilience: Sustainable Homes and Social Impact with Henning and Joyce

Joyce Coffee and Henning Alts

How can we build climate resilience? Social Impact Pioneers Joyce Coffee and Henning Alts reveal the secrets to longevity within inclusive business models and explore why a construction materials company is vital to building climate resilience with vulnerable communities. Listen in to this podcast conversation as Henning Alts, the social scientist working with Cemex, the […]

Business Purpose Made Simple, with William Buist

William Buist Business Purpose

Business purpose made simple. Listen in to this podcast and hear Social Impact Pioneer William Buist explain the basics of business purpose and why we might be over complicating it. During this conversation William dives into business purpose and how solving big problems is at the heart of all businesses. Before he shares his practical […]