Marcus Druen

Podcast Interview

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How do you influence your key stakeholders – creating the action to deliver societal impact through business?

Marcus Druen, part strategic advisor, part executive coach, with experience supporting senior execs at the likes of Telefonica O2, Lidl, KPMG and Microsoft shares all through this informative podcast. Marcus is normally found deep within multi-nationals, helping senior leaders to experiment with more fluid ways of working, alternative leadership models, and capability building.

During this Spotlight Interview Marcus shares his expert and practical insight on how to influence and be influential. Listen to this podcast to understand why Marcus recommends three key actions: change the story, find more allies and vote with your feet.

Regardless of the size or shape of your organisation this podcast will be useful. It will help you to be more effective at influencing and deepen your insight into what is shaping executive decision making. If you are trying to deepen the societal impact of your business and you need your stakeholders to take action listen here.

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