How Can Business Help Peace, with Tim Fort

Podcast Interview

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Can business help peace? And can the processes by which peace comes into being help business? My social impact pioneer today – Tim Fort believes so.

As one of the recent nominees for the 2024 Nobel Peace Prize (yes the Nobel Peace Prize) – Tim Fort is a prolific thinker and writer on all avenues of business and peace. He has been nominated for his work in showing how ethical business behaviour can positively contribute to peace. He holds the Eveleigh Professorship in Business Ethics at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and is also an Affiliated Scholar at the Kroc Institute of International Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame. Fort received the 2022 Distinguished Career Faculty Award from the Academy of Legal Studies in Business.

He has written one hundred articles, reviews and chapters along with twelve books; he has edited many more. Two of his books have won the Best Book Award from the Academy of Management for Social Issues.

Tim joins us to share very practical advice on how we can make peace and what business can learn from peacemakers. He then goes on to give us a sneak peak into his new book which he is co-authoring with Kristin Hahn, executive producer of Apple TV’s “The Morning Show,” explaining how shared cultural experiences can serve as common ground for people divided by social and political issues. Get ready to hear about the power of music, sharing a love of sports, and why going for a walk with your dog could resolve conflict.

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Braver Angels
Sweet dreams for Rwanda

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