Dominic McVey

Podcast Interview

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Though Dominic doesn’t shy away from the potential for things to get much worse for vulnerable workers, his practical recommendations on how safe trade can continue are invaluable. He talks about the realities of cross border trade, logistics, and the need to keep people in jobs for as long as possible. He urges business to be adaptable and search out repurposing opportunities.

“We all need to play our part in keeping our economy going.” Stresses Dominic.

This podcast isn’t all doom and gloom though, Dominic’s suggestions of ways we can rebuild better could mean that more people from emerging markets get access to markets through digitalisation; he suggests why contactless trade could revolutionise commerce; and how this could have a positive impact on reducing the need for carbon intensive transport.

His final call to action: “Look beyond the numbers. Think about the compassionate elements of your business. As we come out of COVID we will look to the businesses who did the right things.”





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