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There is overwhelming global agreement that the effects of climate change disproportionately affect the poor and three-quarters of people around the world say that rich countries must support them to deal with the effects of climate change, according to a recent global poll by Business Fights Poverty and GlobeScan.
If you’re struggling to wrap your head around the multiple crises facing the world right now, the phrase “ global polycrisis ” may help you get a sense of just how truly awful things are.
Climate change and inequality are two of the biggest challenges of our time. Tackling one without the other is increasingly seen as not an option, including for business. The Business and Climate Justice Framework helps businesses identify both the opportunities of putting people at the centre of their climate ambitions and the risks of inaction.
Across the world, a confluence of challenges— notably, COVID, conflict, and climate change—is driving a poverty tsunami that is already crashing into people’s lives. Inside this latest magazine, you will find articles about businesses are building breakwaters to protect the growing number of vulnerable people against the oncoming wave. Our magazines help you navigate the challenges of scaling your social impact and share some of the leading edge thinking on topics across the space.​ Download the latest issue and past issues by clicking on the Magazine cover.
COVID, conflict and climate change are among a confluence of challenges driving a tsunami of poverty that is already crashing into the lives of vulnerable people and communities around the world. This article explores these trends and the role businesses can and should play.
Businesses can play a significant role combating domestic and gender-based violence, including in the context of armed conflict. The war in Ukraine has led to a catastrophic increase in violence against women in uncontrolled territories. The security of internally displaced persons and refugees is also a concern. This article provides insights into initiatives to combat domestic and gender-based violence in Ukraine, the situation on the ground, and how businesses in Ukraine are finding workable solutions to protect their employees from violence.
While much has been done by the business community in response to the Ukraine crisis, much more is needed, and this must start with a better understanding of the needs of the most vulnerable people and communities. This article provides insights into understanding who the vulnerable are and advice on actions that businesses can take, along with useful links.
Over half of young people think that humanity is doomed, according to a new climate change survey. Since I was born just over 50 years ago, global surface temperatures have risen faster than in any other 50-year period over the past 2,000 years. Clearly, my generation has a lot to answer for. What is one to do in the face of such dire challenges? For business, the message from employees, customers and their other stakeholders is clear: do something.