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PLEASE RETURN TO THIS PAGE ON THE 6TH OF OCTOBER TO WATCH THE FULL VIDEO Watch this hybrid workshop with Mars Inc to learn from the
Fairtrade’s recently launched sustainable agriculture policy calls for resilient food systems built on agroecology – that is, the application of environmentally, economically and socially responsible principles to farming. Here are five reasons why our current food and farming policies need a complete reset – and how we can do it.
Bangladesh is implementing innovative measures and allocating a significant portion of its budget to combat climate change. Learn why investing in the Global South now not only addresses the urgent climate emergency but also promises long-term benefits for the rest of the world.
If we are to build a greener, fairer and more equal society in the wake of COVID-19, it’s time for rich countries to end their practice of dumping plastic waste in developing countries. This not only harms the environment but disproportionately affects the women and girls who tend to clear it up.
The transition to a green economy offers the prospect of an improved environment and better livelihoods. But unlocking that opportunity requires understanding local markets and economic incentives.