Time to Act on Mental Health: UNICEF’s Global Coalition for Youth Mental Well-being

The Global Coalition for Youth Mental Well-being, hosted by UNICEF, was born out of the belief that the mental well-being of youth cannot be addressed by one entity alone but needs collective action. It is time for joint action on mental health. Mental health and psychosocial well-being are fundamental components of a child’s healthy development […]

To Build Thriving Cocoa Communities, Educate the Children

The theme of this year’s UN International Day of Education, “to invest in people, prioritize education,” resonates with us at Cargill as it aligns with the work we are doing in cocoa growing communities. In these communities, improving access to quality education helps keep children away from child labor and grants them the opportunity to […]

Sustainable Supply Chains: Future Proofing by Farmer-Focusing

Prices are the sharp end of a long stick. Gas prices. Food prices. Inflationary prices. Downward price pressure. Upward price pressure. Global supply chains. On and on it goes, with each new headline revealing a business environment stripped of its old rhythm. The environment feels particularly chaotic for any business dependent on functioning supply chains […]

If We Want to Meet the SDGs, We Need to Ditch Empty Rhetoric and Invest in Young People

Rainforest Alliance Youth

‘Youth is the future. The leaders of tomorrow. Youth will change the world’. This is all true. But the rhetoric banded around at leadership events is not being matched by actions that enable youth’s full and meaningful participation. Last month’s International Youth Day (12 August) serves as a powerful reminder that this needs to change. […]

Boosting Learning Gains for Children Living in Underserved Communities

Boosting Learning Gains for Children Living in Underserved Communities A Nobel Prize-winning economist has confirmed among the largest learning gains ever measured by a major study in international education. The groundbreaking study, led by Professor Michael Kremer, the 2019 Nobel Prize-winning economist, suggests that children living in underserved communities receive 53% more learning in NewGlobe-supported schools […]

The sobering reality of the UN’s Global Goals

The sobering reality of the UN’s Global Goals Remember the Sustainable Development Goals? It’s not a facetious question. Amid all the other corporate sustainability priorities of the past few years — net zero, ESG, the circular economy, social justice, resource constraints and all the rest — not to mention a seemingly never-ending drumbeat of political upheaval, […]

Tackling inequality – an integral component to long-term business success

Sustainability has become mainstream. Today more than ever, business is expected to take action to tackle the climate emergency, bring greater sustainability into value chains and be held accountable for these efforts. Capital markets, consumers, and governments are all in agreement that sustainability is the only long-term success for business – as well as for […]

With their own businesses and as workers, Egypt’s women can be winners

Rabeha is Arabic for “winner”. It is the brand name for a programme to provide women in Egypt with the means, knowledge and confidence to realize their unique and valid work-related goals, either as entrepreneurs, early-stage businesswomen or as paid employees. The Rabeha programme, run jointly by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and […]