Ben Jeffreys, ATEC, clean and safe cooking

Podcast Interview

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Ben Jeffreys is a social impact pioneer – he is dedicating his life to bring clean cooking to everyone around the world. Ben believes that this is one of, if not the world’s biggest social and environmental challenge … and he has the statistics to back it up.

Listen to this podcast to hear Ben share why helping the 4 billion people around the world who currently cook with polluting and dangerous cooking stoves is so important to him. How he is working to create solutions to polluting, harmful cooking stoves – through biodigesters and efficient stoves. His aim is to address the direct health and welfare issues harmful cooking stoves cause – whilst reducing greenhouse gas production by over a giga-ton. Current estimates suggest that de-carbonising cooking could reduce carbon emissions equivalent to grounding the whole aviation industry.

In addition, Ben shares expert insights into putting the consumer at the heart of solutions. For clean cooking stoves to reach those who need them and to scale requires new business models. Ben talks pay-as-you-go models, digital e-commerce, carbon credits and how the proliferation of essential services and mobile phones are transforming emerging markets.

Ben throws the preconceptions that making a social impact is a cottage industry of do-gooding – get ready for a whistle stop into business models, equity raises and lasting positive results for billions of people living round the world.



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About ATEC: ATEC exists to decarbonize cooking at scale in Asia & Africa. Through ATEC’s patented electric and biogas stove technology, households access paygo debt to affordably finance the stove purchase while simultaneously generating data-validated carbon credits for sale on international carbon markets.


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