How to communicate social impact with Eric Ressler

Podcast Interview

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Eric Ressler is a social impact pioneer – listen to Eric’s expert insight into why social impact communications needs to up its game and how we can go about this. Eric is the Founder and Creative Director at Cosmic, a Social Impact Creative Agency.

Eric packs this podcast with his expert experience in developing highly impactful communications on social and environmental issues. From sustainability brand campaigns to impactful writing. You will gain a practical guide on developing a branding and communications campaign that spurs on action. From strengthening your businesses brand through values and actions to reframing the climate catastrophe to one that we can all take positive action towards today – to alleviate negative impacts now.

If that wasn’t enough for one podcast Eric also lifts the lid on his personal experiences of growing up, living, and working in California. Eric provides us with a deeply honest assessment of how California experiences environmental and social issues – from drought and fire to homelessness and drug addiction.

Eric shares his thoughts on the challenges of tackling Federal inertia and the opportunities State and local led action can provide. Get ready to hear about how state level progress on climate and social issues could be tackled – through fronting up to the need for collective support not just promoting individualism….and the power of voting with our choices.


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