How to social impact partner with Clive Allison and Nivedha RM

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How do I find the right social impact partner? How can partnering really scale social impact? And why are social entrepreneurs so important to partner with?

Reaching a point where our world is sustainable – where people and our planet are safe and secure is arguably the toughest journey we face. The saying goes – ‘If you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far, go together.’ My social impact pioneer guests know all about partnering to go far… meet Clive Allison and Nivedha RM.

Clive Allison is the Global Sustainability Director at Unilever. He is a social and environmental business leader; working with Unilever for 25 years with a particular emphasis on new business models that deliver sustainable social and environmental impact.

Nivedha RM has invented the World’s first completely automated, mixed, municipal waste, segregation unit and recycling technologies. As the CEO and Founder of Trashcon and based in Karnataka, India, she is an accomplished and recognised entrepreneur on a mission to make our waste systems safe, separating streams for recycling.

Through Unilever’s TRANSFORM programme – Clive and Nivedha are partnering. TRANSFORM is a  joint initiative between Unilever, the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) and EY. Set-up to improve the lives of low-income communities but scaling social enterprises. During our conversation they dive into how to social impact partner, why partnering across multiple sectors is key to delivering scaleable, lasting social impact and what they have learnt on their journey.

“With less than 10 years to deliver the SDGs, no one organisation will do it.” Clive explains; “TRANSFORM isn’t a short term pilot, or a scheme or a fund but it’s a new type of public private partnership model, based on the need for long term profitable sustainable business that drives towards the SDGs (sustainable development goals).”

Listen in to understand how partnerships can work to benefit many, innovate and unlock new business opportunities. Hear Nivedha’s infectious enthusiasm for her breakthrough innovations. Whilst gathering practical tips from these two social impact pioneers along the way – from the benefits of involving your value chains, to creating commercially viable new business models.


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