Andrew Dunnett

Podcast Interview

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Vodafone is the largest mobile and network operator in Europe, and the world’s largest Internet of Things connectivity provider. Operating and partnering in 48 countries.

It is still rare for a social innovation to be successfully incubated, scaled and then embedded into core business activities. Vodafone has a clutch of them. During our conversation Andrew shares his vision of scaling impact for lasting good and how to make it happen. From partnering and incubating through to stakeholder engagement and influencing.

Our conversation also focuses on the leading work Vodafone has been doing to tackle domestic violence. Why this issue is so important, and practical advice on how to activate other businesses to take positive action.


TecSOS-enabled mobile phone device

Learnings from Vodafone’s Global Policy on Domestic Violence and Abuse

How the Bright Sky app from the Vodafone Foundation and Hestia can help people suffering from domestic abuse

Connected Living, Improving the lives of people needing care using technology

Vodafone’s DreamLab

Korn Ferry, The rise of the Chief Sustainability Officer

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