Rudrani Oza

Podcast Interview

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Supporting farmers and producers at the base of supply chains in emerging markets can be challenging. With many farmers leaving for cities, the effects of climate change building and the global pandemic – the challenges are deepening. And often the ones that suffer most are women. Listen to this podcast for first hand experiences and ideas that you can take into your companies so that you can better support farmers and in particular women farmers.

Meet Rudrani Oza. She is senior manager of farm innovations for CottonConnect. Based in India, Rudrani is a gender expert, with over 16 years of experience in the areas of gender, HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, water & sanitation, and children’s rights.

During our conversation, Rudrani shares her first hand insight and the research CottonConnect has been doing with the cotton farmers they work with in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and beyond. You will hear how climate change is already seriously impacting women farmers in particular; how supporting farmers to learn new skills, manage their family planning and better supporting their families is good for busines throughout the value chain. Rudrani shares the practical ways that CottonConnect have been reaching farmers and delivering programmes to help farmers.

Rudrani believes we must do in order to rebuild better: “We must always listen to the farmers first,” she explains. Listen to hear more.



Women in Cotton Report – Listening to women’s voices on the effects of climate change:…e_report2020.pdf

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