Regenerative Farming and Climate Justice, with Patrick Nyaga, Farm Africa

Podcast Interview

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How can regenerative farming create climate justice? This podcast forms part of a series – examining how business addresses climate justice. Together we hear how business puts people at the heart of the climate action. And in particular this podcast looks at food security, regenerative farming and climate resilience.


Our social impact pioneer today is Patrick Nyaga. Patrick coordinates Farm Africa’s regenerative agriculture project in Kenya. Their aim is to support smallholder farmers to increase agricultural productivity and build resilience to climate change risks. During our conversation Patrick explains what regenerative agriculture means and how farmers can benefit from diversified crops and land uses that can benefit the climate, biodiversity and their incomes.

Patrick is an agronomist with more than 19 years’ experience. Patrick’s expertise is deployed to help: small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) develop new agricultural business opportunities; he works with agricultural community groups to share best practice in regenerative and diversified farming techniques; and he also helps to shape local, regional and national agricultural policy to help more people build their resilience and adapt to climate change.

Patrick paints a vivid picture of what climate change looks like in the locations he’s working in Kenya.

“Climate change is real and it is affecting the communities we are working with.” Explains Patrick.

Patrick describes how the duration and shifting seasonal weather patterns – including frequent extreme weather events and droughts – are causing household level disasters. Patrick explains how the ecological boundaries have shifted and how farming communities are walking further for water and incurring conflict over limited resourses.

Patrick’s insights aren’t all gloom. During our podcast conversation you will hear inspiring regenerative and diversified agricultural processes and practices. Ideas that could be translated all around the world. Patrick goes on to share practical suggestions for bigger businesses to better support the farmers in their supply chains, better incentivise farmers to develop more climate resilient farmer techniques and help create deeper links to markets.


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