Farmers pioneer climate action explain Kate Nkatha Ochieng, Bismark Kpabitey and Rachel Banda

Podcast Interview

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Farmers pioneer climate action as climate change  deeply affects farmers and food production around the world. Ghana and Malawi farmers are pioneering climate resilient actions – listen to this podcast to hear what climate action farmers are already taking and how the COP process offers some hope if only promises turn to action.

During this conversation we hear from:

Kate Nkatha Ochieng, Commercial Director, Fairtrade Africa;

Bismark Kpabitey, cocoa farmer and climate change project lead from Ghana;

Rachel Banda, sugar farmer and young co-operative official from Malawi.

This conversation is recorded from Glasgow during the COP26 and the Business Fights Poverty Climate Justice Summit. Kate, Bismarck and Rachel share how farmers pioneer climate action and why being in Glasgow for COP26 and raising the voices for farmers is a vital part of the climate change decision making process. They explain how they will continue to bring business leaders and farmers closer so that good farming and trading practice expands.

Explaining that climate justice is only possible if real actions not just big promises are taken. These climate action pioneers urge us to ensure all people are incorporated into climate change decision making.

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