Addressing global inequalities through trade and employment with Pins Brown, Natura &Co

Podcast Interview

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What is invisible labour and why should businesses care about it? How do you address global inequalities through trade and employment? Meet Pins Brown, Head of Responsible Procurement at Natura &Co – the parent company which includes the brands Avon, Natura Cosmeticos, The Body Shop and Aesop. Pins and her team work to address global inequalities through trade and employment.

During our conversation Pins talks about work and opportunities for women. In partnership with the UK Government’s Work and Opportunities for Women (WOW) programme they have recently published: “Unpaid and unrecognised: How business can realise the benefits of tackling women’s invisible labour.” Pins explains how this set of tools and examples can assist business in tackling invisible labour. For Pins, this is as much about understanding what invisible work is, where its propping up supply chains, as well as how to support those invisible labourers. Pins stresses that invisible labour is so often done by women and that better support for these people is good for bottom line business.

Pins own background stretches across sectors ranging from agriculture to oil and gas, garments, NGOs, trade unions and international organisations. Our conversation explores Pins’ advice on how to make a difference and where to find new inspiration.

She says: “My working life has involved suits and muddy boots and has focussed on improving labour conditions in supply chains especially for the least powerful.”


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