Melanie Landthaler

Podcast Interview

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If you are interested in understanding more on women’s empowerment; sustainable coffee or what it takes to lead impact in business this podcast is for you.

Melanie Landthaler has over a decade of experience working on coffee sustainability. She has worked on global standards in the sector and joined the UN International Trade Centre to support small and medium sized enterprise competitiveness in developing countries.

In 2015 Melanie joined up with Nespresso to work on their ambitious gender strategy.

During our conversation Melanie explores why gender equality is vital for future business prosperity as well as social impact. And shares her very personal advice on how to get on and make impact through work.


Working Together for Gender Equality:…ile_180911.pdf

Catalysts for Gender Transformative Change:…sformative-change

Gender Equality in Coffee:…n-coffee

Melanie Landthaler:

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