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Pick of the Year: Inclusive Business Resources in 2011

Caroline Ashley

It’s that time of year: best book of 2011? Best movie, best photo, best newcomer of the year…?

What were the highlights on inclusive business?

It’s not such a hard question to answer, because each month we pick out one highlight to be Editor’s Choice on the Practitioner Hub,hosted by the Business Innovation Facility and Innovations Against Poverty. So I already have a short-list of 12 top picks ready to draw on.

All 12 can are listed here – actually it’s 13 as Editor’s Choice started one year ago, in December 2012.

If you only have time to read one, then my recommendation has to be tailored to who you are:

And finally, if you want something that looks across the piece but will probably apply to your own inclusive business initiative too, something that avoids blah and focuses on frank challenges and new ways forward, then try either or preferably both of these:

Our understanding of Inclusive Business is certainly moving on, as reflected in these last two. But the old stuff can still be powerful, and for me some key reports remain well-thumbed and still used. My pick of past reports with lasting value was posted on the Practitioner Hub at the start of 2011, but another year has not tarnished them. See Something Borrowed, Something Blue: Which resources on Inclusive Business just shouldn’t be missed?

In 2012, visit the Practitioner Hub any time to see the monthly Editor’s Choice. Be sure to sign up as a member if you’d like to get the monthly update into your inbox, announcing the latest choice plus project news. And if you have a recommendation – something truly relevant to inclusive business practitioners, business without the blah – be sure to share your views.

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