NGO Advocacy with Chelsea Hodgkins, Oxfam America

Podcast Interview

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How can civil society hold businesses and governments to account? This podcast examines the role of NGO advocacy and activism in pushing for better social and environmental outcomes.

Chelsea Hodgkins is a Policy Advisor on Oxfam America’s Climate, Energy, and Extractive Industries team. She joins us for this conversation having recently been to the climate conference, COP27 in Egypt. During this podcast Chelsea looks specifically at the role of different sectors and how the freedom of speech is essential to improve energy security and access, before providing practical advice on how to deliver a ‘just transition’ and why the Loss and Damage Fund is an important ray of hope. Chelsea implores us: “Movements really matter.”

With Chelsea’s expertise in extractives and energy – she talks in detail about the differing forms of energy; how governments and businesses are pursuing their climate policies – sometimes to the detriment of vulnerable people and the climate; whilst demanding more investment be made in renewable energy sources across the world. Chelsea talks frankly on the question: “How can our energy transition respect human rights?” Chelsea cites the “dramatic increase in demand for minerals used for solar panels, electric vehicles and battery storage” is a key area we need to ensure vulnerable and Indigenous People are not forgotten during the rush to mine critical minerals in the clean energy transition.

This podcast conversation is not necessarily an easy listen. Chelsea holds us all to account. But her pragmatic advice for business practitioners and policy makers means that it is a must listen to if we are to ensure no-one is left behind during the transition to a clean economy.


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