Palm Oil and Climate Justice with Anita Neville

Podcast Interview

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Palm oil and climate justice – what is the story? Social impact pioneer, Anita Neville, helps us unpack this complex topic. This podcast forms part of a series – examining how business addresses climate justice.

Together, we hear how businesses are working to put people at the heart of their climate action. Listen to this conversation to find out how one major agricultural business is working to remove deforestation from its business; where green washing and green hushing collide; and why supporting workers and farming communities, both big and small, is essential in creating a just transition in a low carbon future.

Palm oil is a contentious topic. On the one hand its high yields and efficient land use provides a highly sustainable product vital to the global food chain as well as much needed income for small farmers in rural Indonesia. On the other, vast areas of tropical forest have been cleared to make way for palm plantations and these plantations are often monocultural. Listen to this podcast to find out the goings on within of one of the world’s biggest palm oil companies and how it is moving to address the urgent need for more sustainable practices.

Anita Neville is the Chief Sustainability and Communications Officer for Golden Agri-Resources, the Singaporean palm oil company with over 170,000 employees, primarily working out of Indonesia.

Anita’s career journey includes ten years with the Rainforest Alliance working to conserve tropical forests, time spent with WWF, and several years with E3G, the environmental politics think tank specialising in climate diplomacy and energy policy. Anita talks from the fringes of the climate COP27, in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. She shares the impressions she has from her first climate conference and why bringing together organisations from across sectors can help drive deeper social and environmental impact.

Golden Agri Resources
LinkedIn, Anita Neville

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