What is Climate Justice, with Tara, Chris and Javier

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What is climate justice and why should business put people at the heart of their climate action? Tara Shine, Co-CEO at Change By Degrees, Chris Coulter, CEO at GlobeScan, and Javier Aliaga, the Director of Fairtrade’s Center of Excellence in Climate and Environment joined together live during COP27 on Twitter Space and this is what they shared. If you want to know simply what Climate Justice is and why your business should start caring and promoting climate action, you’ve come to the right place. But don’t miss a moment, cause the #ClockisTicking.

Tara, Chris, and Javier are leading experts in climate justice and business action across three continents. Together they share practical insights, articulate the business case for climate justice and tell first-hand stories of the impacts of climate action by business.

Tara: “If you look at developing states, or the least developed countries in the world, the amount of carbon pollution they produce is still to this day miniscule. So it’s not their fault, this problem. And so that’s the great unfairness that lies the injustice that lies in climate change. And that’s why we have to find a just and fair solution.”

Who needs to step up? Chris says: “We did a study in July across 31 markets in the world, 30,000 interviews, trying to track the evolution and perceptions and responses to the two big massive challenges the climate change crisis and the inequality crisis.”

What’s remarkable now, is that this is the highest level of concern people are registering around climate change in 20 years of tracking. And the growth of that concern has been consistent across all parts of the world and has grown steadily in the last 8 years through the pandemic, which would have traditionally been one of those things that knocked off the agenda, and now through the cost of living crisis and the war in Ukraine. So we’re breaking new ground on levels of engagement and concern around climate change worldwide and one of the reasons for that is the immediacy of impact. Almost 4 in 10 people across the world say that they have been greatly affected by climate change.”

Shedding light on business engagement with climate justice, Javier says: “The first step is investing to protect the most vulnerable ones, and creating resilience. And next probably is creating capacities and skills, transferring knowledge to these vulnerable people. And maybe last but not least, to promote a clear and transparent accountability. I think this is the framework for great use to promote in order to move forward.”

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