IGD: Measuring Impact: A Business Approach

By Initiative for Global Development (IGD)

Measuring Impact: A Business Approach

Through our work with companies pursuing poverty-reducing investment, IGD has learned that many businesses struggle with how to best evaluate their socio-economic impact—and how to do so in a way that generates practical, business-oriented insight that can improve performance.

To address this critical need, we have developed Measuring Impact: A Business Approach. The report highlights the IGD Impact Measurement Framework, a business-driven, sector-focused approach to measuring business’ impact on poverty reduction. Structured around strategic business drivers, the framework identifies key areas where a company is likely to create long-term value, as well as suggested metrics for capturing relevant data.

Sector-specific versions of the framework are available for agribusiness, power, financial services, and ICT, with additional frameworks in development. The report includes summary case studies demonstrating the use of these frameworks, developed in partnership with IGD member companies, including AICO Africa Limited, ContourGlobal, Ecobank Transnational Incorporated, Equity Bank Limited, and Main One Cable Company Limited.

Measuring Impact: A Business Approach is highly recommended for anyone who wants to get beyond traditional sustainability reporting to clear insight and data for integrating social values and impact measures into core business operations and bottom-line decision making.

We look forward to refining and testing this set of measurement tools, and to sharing our progress and best practices along the way. For more information on how to get involved, please email in**@ig********.org.

Editor’s Note:

This blog was previously published on the IGD blog and is reproduced with permission

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  1. Thanks. Much appreciated. I skimmed through the report and found one of the examples cited was the Kivuwatt project in Rwanda, financed by AfDB, and that ContourGlobal had a relationship with IFC. Both AfDB and IFC have their own results measurement framework. Ours is called “ADOA’ and the IFC’s is “DOTS”. In addition, the GIIN has its ‘IRIS’ which has a very extensive web-based online set of indicators. How does the IGN framework compare to GIIN or DOTS? There is now a group of bilateral and multilateral donors working together to harmonize our indicators to minimize the duplication of reporting systems and arrive at a one-system fits all, especially for projects that have multiple financing agencies behind them. (Perhaps the answer is in the other parts of the report which I might have skipped over?). Yours for improved measurements, Doug.

  2. Dear Douglas, thanks for the inputs. I am trying to get an overview of impact assessment methodologies. Can I ask you to elaborate on the harmonization work by bilateral and multilateral donors that you have mentioned? Best, Niels

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