How can business apply a gender equity lens to net-zero planning?

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Emma Cox: “Rather than think about climate and carbon in isolation, and diversity and social justice in isolation, how can we look increasingly at that intersection?”

Justin White: “We know that the majority of our emissions come from Scope 3. And in order to achieve our #NetZero ambition, we have to place people and behaviour change at the centre of the strategy.”

Justin White: “We’re asking ourselves….how do we direct some of our carbon credit spend towards projects on the voluntary carbon market that have people at the centre, especially women in local communities?”

Katherine Teague: “Go further than just being a sustainable agricultural entity, to one that’s also rejuvenating, restoring and regenerating. Women are going to be very much part of our journey and they’re going to be front and centre to it.”

Katherine Teague: “We’re focusing on how we take people from (non-leadership role) jobs and put them into leadership roles, creating the talents we need, so that #women are going to be the people who lead our business into the future.”

Jacqui Machin: “As I’m building a roadmap… on what’s possible in terms of reducing emissions, we’re considering how do we make sure that it is a #JustTransition? How do we make sure that women are not disadvantaged by the kind of choices that we make?”

Ian Michell from Flamingo Horticulture Investments: “How do we want carbon credits that are more meaningful to us as a business that actually are impacting the environmental impact and our local community?”

Hernan Zunino: “Women are starting to be more and more engaged. We have a big opportunity to combine the way women are more empowered financially, and how they are also more engaged with production, new food. It will be a really good opportunity for us.”

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