How can we drive health equity by empowering women?

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Ciara O’Rourke: “We know that improved vaccination equity not only prevents diseases, but can also help to break the cycle of poverty, poor health and low income and improve overall #healthequity.”

Roopa Dhatt: “When you take a look at decision making, leadership & health, women are underrepresented at 25%. So if the women, health workers, other experts who are facing these challenges are not sitting on decision making tables, we know our health systems are going to continue to fail.”

Roopa Dhatt: “Working with different community resources such as centers for homeless populations … this is where providers … have to go to patients in their communities. The key message is working in #Partnership with communities to drive the vaccination rates to higher levels.”

Rachel Eagan: “I think sometimes missing data tells a powerful story. We don’t always need another data set to tell us. I think we need to invest time in reaching out to our communities to host meaningful conversations, to better understand the barriers that they’re facing, so that we can work collaboratively towards potential solutions.”

Rachel Eagan: “Really moving away from one size fits all solutions. Reaching out to and authentically engaging groups experiencing inequalities and health outcomes, this is what’s really needed.”

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