How can we support female entrepreneurs, including through financial & technological innovation?

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Elsie Wandera: “It’s important that we have backing as women, not only from females, but the whole world standing behind women, because if a woman is rising, a community will also rise.”

Beatriz Tumoine: “Companies have a huge role to play in enabling and opening the spaces for women to participate in the formal economy and become successful entrepreneurs.”

Maggie Rarieya:  “As we look at (access to sanitation) models for creating opportunities for women and improving the environment, you need to ask… how do we make the community into a customer and make them own the problem? How can we create businesses and jobs from that?”

Natasha Kwakwa: “We know that if you’re a young woman, you are 1.5 times more likely to be unemployed than a man, and there’s a financing gap of about $1.5 trillion globally for women-led SMEs. We also know that women, their businesses, don’t get access to the supply chains of multinational corporates.”

Natasha Kwakwa: “The call to action here…is for collaboration. We need to share our insights, all of us need to share insights more smartly and to look at different opportunities to partner together to club together, our efforts.” 

Jaylan Elshazly: “We need to be mindful that women are less likely to have access to the internet, less likely to have digital skills, and less likely to adopt new digital technologies. …The main thing we need to do is gather data on women and men to learn their unique needs.”

Antony Karanja: “I think the conversation really needs to be geared towards ensuring that those last mile entrepreneurs have access to actual funding.”

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