How can you succeed as an entrepreneur and make a difference in your community?

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Natasha Kwakwa from Standard Chartered Bank: “Investing in young women has a far greater impact on communities. Yet we know women-led businesses have struggled more than other businesses to gain access to the financial system & that’s as individuals and also as fantastic growth #entrepreneurs.”

Naom Monari at Bena Care: “There’s no such thing as ready, and it would be a sad thing if we waited to be ready for us to start with our solutions and change in the community.”

Natasha Kwakwa from Standard Chartered Bank: “We want to focus much more on green and social businesses, so businesses have real impact, helping communities adapt to the harmful effects of climate change and helping communities to tackle the greatest social challenges that exist.”

Naom Monari at Bena Care: “My advice to any woman out there who’d like to bring change to their community through the solutions they’re having to their problems is … get started!”

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No Excuse

Warning: This video may act as a trigger.