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Tashmia Saville: “In the South African context, women are at the back of the queue, particularly young black women … in terms of employment opportunities.”

Jean Claude Niyomugabo: “I believe that technologies can be used to promote gender equality and social inclusion, breaking down the traditional gender roles and biases and providing women with equal access to the opportunities.”

Ajaita Shah: “Rural women are extremely powerful, resilient, multi-talented, and actually can do a lot If you invest in up-skilling, access to digital tools, and access to finance.”

Daniele Fiandaca: “I can’t tell you how many people I spoke to who at their International Women’s Day events, 10% of the audience were men.  We have to get more men into the conversation and actually creating that change together.”

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How can we support female entrepreneurs, including through financial & technological innovation?

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How can you succeed as an entrepreneur and make a difference in your community?

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How can companies apply a gender equity lens to address their Scope 3 emissions?

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How can we drive health equity by empowering women?

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How can companies collaborate to tackle Gender-Based Violence in the workplace?

No Excuse

Warning: This video may act as a trigger.