Jocelyn Williams

Podcast Interview

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If you are working on delivering social change or trying to address social norms, digital technology seems like a good way to scale, influence behaviours, deepen impact, collect and analyse data – and so much more. Doing this in practice is another thing.

Jocelyn Williams, Director for Business Development at Every1Mobile, shares 10 years of experience that they have built up implementing programmes in 17 African and Asian countries. Every1Mobile design and implement digital solutions that help people improve their quality of life such as: access to good health advice, encouraging people to create savings and helping young mums get information on motherhood – in countries including Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia, and Uganda.

During our conversation Jocelyn shares some key methods to ensure digital is working at its best. She explains that social impact programmes need to be designed ‘Digital First’ – embedding digital solutions and capabilities in from the start to deliver real world change. Before revealing why digital can be a useful tool particularly when the topics are sensitive and personal. It is apt that we record this conversation during ’16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence.

Jocelyn suggests we should all be thinking about: the depth of digital engagement, how we are driving and monitoring real world behaviour change through digital as well as why multi-platform digital interventions will be essential in the future. Listen to hear more.







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