Businesses invest in projects that improve lives and protect the environment

By Rhiannon Szmigielski

Businesses invest in projects that improve lives and protect the environment

An annual state of the market report launched today, shows that businesses across the world continue to see the value of investing in projects that reduce carbon emissions, protect the environment and improve people’s lives, as a way to demonstrate industry leadership and take responsibility for their impacts.

Over the last year alone, the private sector has channelled $523million into projects that cut carbon emissions and $80 million of this, specifically into projects that distribute clean cookstoves and water filtration devices. These projects cut carbon, but also protect local forests, create jobs and improve health, for example by reducing families’ exposure to toxic fumes.

“ClimateCare is known for these integrated Climate and Development projects” explains ClimateCare Director, Edward Hanrahan. “This report confirms our confidence in the intentions of businesses to take real responsibility for their climate impacts, and to fund action on climate change through integrated projects that deliver real positive impacts on people’s lives.”

According to the State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets Report 2013, the private sector contracted 90% of all emission reductions in the voluntary carbon market in order to demonstrate corporate social responsibility and industry leadership. In addition, the report noted that business are working more closely with project developers, to ensure that projects deliver both the environmental and social benefits they are looking for.

“Over recent years we have seen a strong interest from international businesses in our integrated Climate and Development approach.” Says Hanrahan. “Our clients tell us that whilst they are initially attracted to ClimateCare by our world leading projects, as they work with us, they increasingly value our ability to tailor projects to deliver the specific, measurable outcomes they require, alongside our focus on bringing people together, to create innovative public/private/NGO partnerships that scale up activity and provide a win, win for everyone – business, people and the environment.”

State of the Voluntary Carbon Market Report 2013

The report, supported by ClimateCare, was launched at Carbon Expo in Barcelona, where ClimateCare Director Edward Hanrahan was on the panel.

The report’s executive summary is available at:

The full report will be made freely available at the same link in late June


ClimateCare mobilises the power and scale of private finance to deliver projects with positive

environmental and social impacts around the world. We combine the vision of a social enterprise and the commercial experience of an investment bank. Leveraging mainstream funding, we profitably deliver some of the largest, most successful corporate sustainability initiatives in the world.

From offices in Africa, Europe and Asia Pacific we help many of the world’s leading brands, organisations and governments scale up the impact of their initiatives. By investing their resources in projects that directly combat climate change and poverty, improve health and increase community welfare, we build better futures for millions of people around the world.

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