Youth Inclusion and Business with Morten of Novozymes and AiLun of The Opportunity Network

Podcast Interview

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Youth inclusion and business. Why do businesses need to better listen to young people and how can you be better at youth inclusion? In today’s rapidly evolving corporate environment, businesses need to prioritise inclusivity – not only as a moral imperative, but as a crucial element in staying competitive. Young people, with their adaptability and unique perspective, represent a significant stakeholder in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By actively involving this demographic, businesses can drive meaningful change, ensuring that innovations are both inclusive and sustainable.

Listen to Morten Enggaard Rasmussen, Executive Vice President, People, Sustainability & Brand, Novozymes A/S and AiLun Ku, President & CEO, The Opportunity Network as they frankly explain how to better support, listen to and engage young people in business.

AiLun explains: “[Young people] have so many assets and so many talents. And when we only apply adult brains, and adult thinking and frameworks we came up with, we leave a lot of things intact and a lot of things unsaid.”

Whilst Morten challenges us: “I have a call for anyone in here: look at the company, look at your leader… If they are not diverse, if they are not looking for inclusivity, they don’t deserve you. Move on. There are plenty of opportunities.”

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