Food Security and Farmer Livelihoods with Cesar and Michelle

Podcast Interview

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As the global community grapples with ensuring food security in the face of ever-mounting challenges, there’s an imperative need to place farmers at the epicentre of strategic solutions. Together, we must ensure we focus on both food security and farmer livelihoods.

Michelle Grogg, Vice President, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development, Cargill and Cesar Galaviz, Rancher, Farmer and Agronomist, Río Fuerte Sur, Mexico discuss how to create food security, support farmer livelihoods whilst creating resilience and capacity to adapt to climate change.

Expect to hear about water stress, environment care, innovative farming techniques, yield improvement.

Cesar explains: “This is the time to act and adapt to a new way of producing food. We need to be more sustainable and also friendly with the environment. But if we don’t do something right now, it can be too late for the future, for tomorrow.”

Michelle stresses: We need to make sure that farmers are at the table so that we can hear and we can really listen to what they think is needed. They’re the experts, and we are here to work alongside them.”

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