Women are Power

By Chiara Condi, Founder, Led By Her

“What do you dream about today?” A poignant question on International Women’s Day from Chiara Condi, Gender Diversity Expert, Advocate, Founder of Led By Her and Challenge Author for Business Fights Poverty’s latest Challenge: ‘What Role Can Business Play in Tackling Gender-Based Violence?” In her piece, Chiara shares her opinion on how can we accelerate towards ‘the extinction of inequality’.

What do you dream about today?

My dream is that Led by HER, the organization I created will no longer exist. My dream is that events like She Innovates where I’m speaking today as part of UN Women will no longer exist. My dream is that my future daughters will grow up in a world where there is no such thing as a woman CEO because she will just be a CEO, women will be half of all innovators and our world leaders, and there will be no gender based violence because there will be no inequality. Our role as activists is to one day eliminate ourselves by eliminating what we are fighting against. If that is true I hope that in as few years as possible I will be as obsolete as a dinosaur or a payphone.

So how many “March 8ths” are we away from that? Well according to the World Economic Forum it will take no less than two centuries. But I like to think that prediction will only come true if nobody does anything to change things and if we decide to accept things as is. It tells us that things were awful in the world for women until today, but now we have the opportunity to change that. I believe that today we can all be part of accelerating the extinction of inequality.

What if each one of us today this March 8th made a Women’s Day resolution to take one single step towards a more equal world starting with equality in our own lives? Most of inequality today is cultural and structural, it shows up in the way we believe and in the way we act in the world, which means we also have the power to eliminate it. What if each one of us just did one thing to change that? It can be by looking at how we raise our children, how we treat our colleagues or employees, how we behave in our household, or how we show up every day in the world as ourselves.

And what if each woman made a commitment to herself heard for what she wants, what she needs, and what she deserves? What each one of us fight against and decides to not tolerate today cumulated together creates the future for all women. I believe that if we all did this the world would start to listen. It would have no choice because we are half of the population. Together we have a huge voice. Slowly all those single voices will build a new awareness, a new culture and new world that would resemble and include us always a bit more. So why not start building it today?

Yes it is all about #girlpower !

What will your commitment be this March 8th?

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