Understanding Sustainable Finance with Namita Vikas

Podcast Interview

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Meet sustainable finance and ESG pioneer Namita Vikas, and our guest in today’s podcast. Namita’s accolades range from “Sustainability Leader of the Year” to “Asia’s Top Sustainability Superwomen”. She’s been featured in the list of “India’s Top 100 Women in Finance” and is on a mission to accelerate sustainable finance and climate transition.

With 30 years of experience, in organisations ranging from the Yes Bank to the Microsoft Corporation, Namita is now the Founder & Managing Director, auctusESG and an Advisory Board Member for the Climate Bonds Initiative in the UK and Digital Green, USA.

Namita champions the deeper understanding of the climate finance nomenclature and jargon. Explaining the differences in financial instruments and the impacts they can deliver, Namita comes full circle by explaining the challenges which are holding back the full benefits of climate finance opportunities: From the lack of classification and taxonomy uniformity across markets to; to the need for regulation in these emerging financial classes; and the requirement for better examples of successful sustainable business models.

As Namita explains: “Finance is the fuel for economic growth. We need finance for everything. We need finance for climate action. More and more financial institutions are looking to deploy capital towards projects that not only deliver on a return on investment but will also deliver on environmental or social impact.”

Listen in to this podcast to find out more.

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