Andrew Howard

Podcast Interview

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Andrew began his career as a mining analyst; before moving to the NGO sector, leading Global Witness’s finance campaign; after a brief stint with McKinsey as a management consultant, Andrew moved to lead Goldman Sachs’ GS SUSTAIN strategy – which sought to incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into the company’s long term investment plans, before moving, via his own start up, to Schroders.

During the interview Andrew deftly takes listeners on a journey of what ESG investing is, why folks across the financial system are increasingly taking it seriously and updates us on the latest in financial trends.

Andrew provides insights into why financiers care about transparency, and how ESG data provides critical information into businesses’ long-term performance and strategy, before sharing the challenges of measuring societal impact. Andrew’s views on emerging social challenges, such as video game addiction highlights the challenges of creating robust societal measurements; the impacts of policy and legislation changes and how these can influence company share prices.

We hope you enjoy the podcast.

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