Trends and Results in Private Sector Development: A Donor Perpective

By Jim Tanburn, Donor Committee on Enterprise Development

Trends and Results in Private Sector Development: A Donor Perpective

The Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED) organised a Seminar on trends and results in private sector development (PSD), in January 2012. It focused on what we are learning about results and in part on the DCED Standard for results measurement. There were around 100 participants from 32 countries, representing 54 different organisations, field programmes and governments. We took a number of interviews to capture some of the key messages that came out. They also aim to create a discussion around the issues highlighted, and all comments are very welcome.

In the seventh video, Alwyn Chilver and Peter Tschumi, members of the DCED Results Measurement Working Group, review the donor perspective on results measurement and the DCED standard.

Views and changes at donor headquarters are very important for PSD programmes. This is especially so currently, as the headquarter context is changing very rapidly in some countries. Pressures from Parliaments to achieve better results, and to report them more convincingly to a wider audience, may have important implications for all development practitioners.

Alwyn Chilver, Rural Development Principal Sector Specialist, AusAID, notes that the growing pressure from the Australian public and politicians for credible results make the DCED Standard a valuable quality assessment tool. He notes that the Standard has been embedded in a number of AusAID programmes. Though the process has not always been easy, the ensuing measurement methodological improvements have been valuable for programmes and have improved their reputations. Peter Tschumi, Senior Policy Advisor for Employment and Income at the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), highlights further work to adopt the Standard within SDC, and to further disseminate it and build capacity. He notes that the Standard is likely to be mainstreamed within SDC in a couple of years, and may be applied in other areas such as technical and vocational education and training (TVET) and rural development.

View Alwyn Chilver and Peter Tschumi presentations at the DCED Current Trends and Results Seminar in Private Sector Development

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