Natalia Pshenichnaya

Podcast Interview

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It’s tough enough to keep up with mobile technology innovations in developed markets, where there are multi-million-pound marketing budgets to promote them. Listen to this podcast to learn about the cutting-edge mobile technology developments taking place in emerging markets. Technology that is not only providing connectivity but is lifting people out of poverty and saving lives.

Natalia Pshenichnaya from the mobile industry association – GSMA takes us on a whistle stop tour of the innovations in mobile agricultural technology.

Hear how:

  • Mobile operator Telenor in Pakistan is helping 8.5 M farming customers with access to agricultural advice in their local language via voice messages and a dial in agri show;
  • The newest innovations in big data are enabling weather tracking in emerging areas;
  • And how the latest payment models are creating access to irrigation in rural Africa.

Natalia stresses that for her the guiding principles are about taking action on things you care about and how climate change is the biggest factor we must all act on.  She says: “If we don’t address the climate crisis all other things we are doing to try to help the poor will be short lived and wasted.” Calling on us all to ask ourselves: “How can I integrate environmental thinking into the work I am doing?”

This podcast takes us to the edges of trends, opportunities and innovations in the mobile technology agri space. Listen now to find out more.

Further links mentioned in this podcast include:

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GSMA Innovation Fund for the digitisation of Agricultural Value Chains

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