Launching the New Business Fights Poverty

By Zahid Torres-Rahman, Founder, Business Fights Poverty

Launching the New Business Fights Poverty

I am delighted to announce the launch of the most ambitious upgrade to Business Fights Poverty to date.

The key strength of this community is you. Over 95% of the 3,000 content items on the site are generated by members. Combine that with the fact that over 95% of members are professionals in this field, and over 70% of survey respondents rated the quality of content at “extremely high” or “very high” – and you can see why we wanted to make it easier to share, showcase and find great content.

So today, we are launching a series of upgrades:

  • A new homepage to showcase all our favourite content – both stories and discussions (we have handpicked and categorised stories from across the site – over 700 to date, and 1,000 by the end of July).
  • A filter that allows you to find stories by topic, type and geography.
  • A suite of 11 Knowledge Zones and 3 Regional Hubs, that allow you to navigate to content via Google Maps.

This is alongside a more active programme of planned online discussions and face-to-face events, and a string of further features that we’ll be rolling out over the coming months.

We’re proud of how far Business Fights Poverty has come, but we recognise that we are on a continuous journey of improvement. Please do share your feedback and ideas. In the mean time, enjoy this infographic of the journey we have travelled so far!

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