Joseph Kolapudi

Podcast Interview

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The global COVID-19 pandemic has many downsides. One is the elimination of opportunities for young people to get work experience, learn skills on the job and build important relationships with potential and existing work colleagues.

The knock-on effects to the cohort of young people early on in their work journeys won’t be known for many years to come. However, Joseph Kolapudi – my guest today has been leaning in heavily to tackle these challenges.

Joseph shares a plethora of practical ways to gain work experience and access skills training. Joseph is the Project Director for ReachAcross, the charity supporting refugees; a Youth Ambassador for People against Poverty engaging young people; as well as being a World Economic Forum Global Shaper. He also serves as part of the Youth Advisory Council for the U.S. Consulate General.

We are recording this shortly before the UN World Youth Skills day in 2021 during which Business Fights Poverty is teaming up with Standard Chartered to deliver the virtual Futuremakers Forum 2021 (13 to 15 July). 50 speakers across three days share their experiences and insights into getting the skills you need to get on. The aim: to unleash the potential of young people to succeed in the future world of work.


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