Join us to participate in the largest ever global conversation on building the future we want

By Zahid Torres-Rahman, Founder and CEO, Business Fights Poverty

On 21 September 2020 the UNGA High Level Meetings will open in New York. But, for the first time in its 75 year history the events will be held almost entirely online. Our founder Zahid Torres-Rahman outlines how you can be part of the biggest ever global conversation on the future we want. Join us to #RebuildBetter

In less than two weeks, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) High Level Meeting will begin in New York, but for the first time in its 75 year history, the event will be held almost entirely online and sessions will be streamed into homes and workplaces around the world. 

Usually tickets for UNGA are a premium – celebrities, dignitaries and others swarm the corridors of the General Assembly Hall, rubbing shoulders, discussing and debating global challenges. While the UN General Assembly is the only universally representative body of the United Nations, it is often within the side conversations where the real agreements are made and deals are done. However, only those lucky enough to be able to afford a flight to New York even have the remotest chance of participating, access is limited and invites are hard to come by.

This year will be a little different. The global COVID-19 pandemic has been responsible for significant turmoil around the world, and the impact on gatherings and travel has been substantial. There have been countless articles written about how the pandemic is the “great leveller” and while I don’t necessarily agree that is the case in many circumstances, when it comes to engaging with the global conversation to be had at UNGA in a couple of weeks, it has certainly helped to open doors to participation from people and groups who wouldn’t usually be able to attend. 

Accessibility is, of course, still an issue, and those who would like to participate will need access to regular, uninterrupted electricity and internet, which is still beyond the reach of many people around the world. But, I believe, this year is just the beginning of the change we will see and I would encourage anyone and everyone who can participate to do so. 

Business Fights Poverty, the world’s largest business-led network for social impact, is honoured to be part of attempting to make UN75 the most representative General Assembly to date. As our world is faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges, never has it been more urgent to build partnerships and forge collaborations to help create a more equitable and resilient future and support the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Our events are taking place between 21-25 September and are all free to attend. We will feature speakers from leading international organisations including; AB InBev, Visa, WWF, Unilever, Harvard Kennedy School and others. Our aim is to make these events as collaborative as possible, with fireside chats, webinars, and peer networking hosted with a wider range of our partners and more. Digital passes are also available for purchase for those who want to watch or share the sessions after the events.

We are an official part of Global Goals Week and through our focus on “Rebuilding Better”, we will explore in a very practical way how business and its partners can help create an equitable and resilient future.

Read the full agenda and book your free place here.

As António Guterres, the UN Secretary General, has said, the next few weeks will see the “largest global conversation ever on building the future we want”. Join us and be part of it.

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