Improving Healthcare through Game-Changing Business Models

By Sonia Bianchi, Ashoka Changemakers

Improving Healthcare through Game-Changing Business Models

What better way to improve healthcare than through game-changing business models that have the potential to transform the industry? Ashoka Changemakers and Boehringer Ingelheim are partnering to find ideas that allow businesses throughout the world to Transform Health Systems.

Finding innovative ways to change how healthcare is delivered and sustained is critical if the industry is going to remain viable and evolve. Healthcare operates under a number of systems, regulations, and bottom lines throughout the world, but it is becoming universally recognized that businesses, and business principles, play a key role in establishing lasting and equitable health systems.

Answering these key questions will help determine how businesses can innovate to improve health:

  1. How can business contribute to healthcare?
  2. In what ways can health systems benefit from business practices?
  3. What models from business are most applicable to the industry of health and wellness?

Transforming Health Systems seeks to find innovations, ideas, and social entrepreneurs that are focusing on these questions in both emerging and mature markets. We are searching for ideas that realign incentives in healthcare systems in mature markets such as the United States, Canada, and Europe, as well as innovations that fill the gaps in the health sectors of emerging markets.

For more information about the competition, or to enter, please visit The entry Deadline is April 10th at 5pm EDT.

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